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For people who have difficulties using the stairs in their homes, a stairlift provides them with a viable alternative instead of having to move to a new house, which can be very disruptive. In today"s marketplace there are many different choices that are available. There is a wide range of products with options for nearly every configuration of staircase and personal situation. The main problem is attempting to identify which product, out of the wide array of choices that are available, that will best suit your needs, now as well as into the future.

In this article, I will be providing you with some insights as well as a brief overviews of some of the more important aspects that you need to look into, what the main considerations are what questions you should be asking in order to choose the best stairlift for your personal situation.

The stairlift market in the US is a crowded one. There are about 12 major stairlift manufacturers producing products aimed for this growing market. As our population keeps aging, the demand continues to increase significantly.

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The following is one of the best approaches to buying a stairlift. Prior to picking your phone up and calling Stannah, Bison Bede or Minvator, talk with your friends and relatives. Find out of anybody you know is aware of someone who has recently had a lift installed. If so, see if you can speak with them. Find out about all of the various benefits and drawbacks in addition to whatever experiences they have had.

Then start getting in touch with the various reputable companies you can find and start to compare their products and prices. Remember that reliability and safety are the most crucial elements. The Internet is an excellent place to start with. All major manufacturers have online websites that you can review.

During the process of choosing a stairlift, speak with a sales representative and ask them as many questions as possible. It is their job to know as much about their company"s product as possible, whether it is a curved, straight or outdoor stairlift. Talk about the kind of staircase you are looking for, and what either your relative"s or your own mobility issues happen to be along with your budget.

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Try getting as much information as possible about various manufacturers and products. Read testimonials and reviews form actual customers. Find out how long a company has been in business and whether or not they have the proper insurance coverage.

Find out about the after-sales services that they offer. How long does their warranty last after your lift has been installed? Can you extend the warranty? If so, how much does it cost, for how long and what is included in it? Be sure to read all of the fine print as well as ask whatever questions you might have. Lifetime guarantees are offered by some manufacturers on their products. This sounds very good, until you find out that it is only on certain components that are part of the stairlift.

Service and support are also important. If the lift you buy happens to break, how long is it going to take before the company is able to come out to you to repair it? Does the company have its own stairlift engineers on its staff that can do visits or is the service contracted out? If an outside service is used you may need to wait a couple days before your problem is solved.

The Internet is a great tool that really helps you get lots of information on different stairlift manufacturers. You can also look at regular media to find out whether they have any stories about these businesses in addition to online forums in order to find out if any negative comments have been made. Avoid working with cold callers and go to a showroom and test ride every lift before you buy anything.

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Buying the proper stairlift involves considering what the user"s needs are as well as determining what the most important features are for that individuals, both now as well as into the future.

If the needs of the person are likely to change later, then you need to take that into account when deciding which key feature you should seek out.

After you have the number of manufacturers narrowed down to something manageable, the next step is for your staircase to be assessed by various company representatives. The first thing that you need to realize is that there are two main types of stairlifts, straight and curved. A straight stairlift works with stairs without any bends or half-landings If you happen to have stairs that are only a straight run, then you can save a lot of money when you are purchasing a stairlift.

However, if there are bends, corners or half-landings on your staircase, then you will need to buy a curved model. Those are not nearly as straightforward. You will need custom-built lift rails that are designed for your staircase in particular. Therefore, you definitely need to ensure that you really do need to have the stairlift because you will be unable to return it. Compared to a straight stairlift, a curved on is a lot more expensive. Buying a reconditioned curved model is a lot harder to do. Although it isn"t an impossible thing to do, those rails were made for a different staircase.

There is another potential option which is buy two straight stairlift models or more to use on your curved staircase. That isn"t the best solution always since that means the users would need to transfer in the middle of the flight that is in between the two different lifts. However, you might save some money that way. The potential downside to that is you may end up paying higher maintenance costs given that two motors will need to be maintained. However, if reconditioned models were installed, that would save a lot of money over purchasing new ones. When you purchase a lift, you can buy various chairs for the carriage. This way you are able to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

There will be a company representative calling you, in order to make an assessment of your staircase as well as discuss what various options the company has available. If the sales representative is going to be visiting your relative"s home, it"s a very good idea for either another relative, friend or yourself to be there. This is due to the fact that you want to make sure that all of the most critical information is remembered and all of the key questions are asked.

Watch the company rep closely. The individual should assess your staircase thoroughly and ask all the right questions about your relative"s needs, particularly about how easy it is for the person to exit and get onto the stairlift. Make sure you get a written quote that includes the entire cost of the stairlift, which includes the cost of installation.

Whenever the rep is inside your relative"s house, don"t allow them to make you feel pressured. The individual will of course try to make their stairlift manufacturer sound like they are the only company worth purchasing from. Just remember they are doing the job. However, that doesn"t mean you are obligated to buy anything from them. Talk with a few stairlift companies at least. This will help you with making your decision. If all of the stairlift companies appear to be too biased, what you can do is get in touch with an independent retailer like UK Stairlifts. They will be able to give you impartial advice on how to choose the best stairlift in order to meet you or your relative"s situation and needs.

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Another possible option is buying a reconditioned stairlift. They are pre-owned stairlifts. The stairlift and the rail have both been refurbished. Therefore, it is nearly as good as buying a new one. Your relative will usually still get lots of good service from it for several years. It is a very popular alternative these days to buy a reconditioned model. Most parts of the lift are brand new, including a reconditioned engine, new seat and new rail. Therefore, it should at least work quite well for several years. You are able to save around one-third of the price compared to buying a new stairlift model.

You just need to make sure you ask a lot of questions about these stairlifts. Usually it is better not to purchase one that is over 18 months old. Just make sure you purchased a reconditioned stairlift that is in excellent condition and also has a one-year warranty.

In this brief guide we have helped you identify the key issues and provide you with the major questions you need to have answers to. Just remember as you are conducting your research that the most important things you need to know are the users needs and to learn as much as you can about various products and companies that make stairlifts.

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